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Hi gang.  I have purchase a large quantity of RCS track and I find it difficult to push two pieces together... probably because I have arthritis in both thumbs.  I was hoping someone has a trick or a tool they used for this track.  I have over 100 pieces of track and switches to put together and the pain involved will be too much.  Help!

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One has to be careful with Ross and Gargraves track as they are both hollow rail and can dent easily. The suggestion of gloves by @Putnam Division , Peter, and a block of wood and small hammer is a great way to connect this type track. Be sure you run your wiring thru the table, and I think Ross and Gargraves have connectors t screw the track to the table. I do recommend Homasote. We used Gargraves and Ross custom pre-curved track. Good luck, post some pictures. Happy Railroading Everyone

I bought a Ttracker tool like Ron showed from another forum member which worked well once I got the hang of it.  After I did my initial track laying, I sold it to a third forum member.  To my knowledge, they aren’t made anymore, but someone may know differently.

Then I got the bright idea to add some additional tracks, and I am now in the process of realigning a whole 180 degree curve and extending a passing siding.  Since selling, I have been using the hammer and block of wood.

I have arthritis in my thumbs and have braces like Peter’s.  Since the last track change, I have acquired arthritis in all my fingers.  I’ll be seeing how the hammer and block of wood work in that situation.  😄

  What I’ve done with difficult to connect Ross or Gargraves. Is to insert just the pin into the rails to be joined. Tap it in with of block of wood and a small hammer. Once seated up against the nub. Remove it with a pair of pliers and do the same to the other 2 rails. It seems once the rails see a pin for the first time. They tend to accept them a little easier the next time.

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@Chessie posted:

Does anyone have this tool to sell or lend?  This looks like exactly what I need.  I assume this tool works with curved track as well, right?

Yes the tool does work on curved track, you just need to get the hang of it, but not hard.  Yes, I'm sorry the one I had is long gone.  Maybe you could start a 'Wanted to Buy' post to see if anyone is done with his. 

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