I had a pre-order in for Hartland Locomotive Works' current run of the Jupiter 4-4-0.  Sadly I was alerted by the dealer that Hartland was closing as of immediately.  They produced a quality affordable made in USA line of G Scale trains using both Delton and Kalamazoo Tooling.  This may be a great opportunity for Lionel to add to their Made in USA lineup with this tooling.  Would love the opportunity to purchase club product based on the Hartland products.  Just like the old days with TCA.   Luckily I purchase the Hartland General last year which I shared some pics of prior.  



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Maybe there is hope production will return.  Their product is certainly robust and its always fun to support Made in USA.

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Certainly sad to see them close up shop. They made--all in the U.S.A.--a decent line of virtually bullet-proof products. I still have a few Hartland items, but sold most before I moved a few years ago. I still have a good amount of LGB, and hope to have a small garden railroad at some point once we fence in our back yard (possibly in 2021).

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