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I attended the NMRA convention in Orlando, FL earlier this month.  I met several modelers from the Houston area.  I pray that they and their families are safe.  My prayers are also for everyone in the affected area.

It is true that there is probably no absolutely safe place to live.  The weather in the SF Bay Area today is 70 degrees and clear.  Weather is hardly ever a problem here but we can have an earthquake at any time.

NH Joe

Many thanks to all who have expressed condolences and are of mind to realize the extent and severity and how it has impacted everyone.  As has been pointed out, even if you do not live, or know someone who does, live in the South Texas, or Louisiana now, yes it can have an impact upon you and our hobby.  Community, camaraderie among us, is what we need.  Not only now, but also whenever another is in need or their lives are in our thoughts and prayers.

I wish to post a correction, something my daughter has pointed out to me before in years past.  The family of 6 from our old neighborhood, are named/spelled Saldivar, not as I incorrectly stated in the earlier post.  I still have not heard of the details, but still it hits home........

Many thanks to you, all.

Jesse   TCA  12-68275 

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