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Yes, that's a lot of red!

To help you pick a new interior color here's some cab photos of a Santa Fe FP-45, passenger locomotive #108.  I took these early last year while visiting the Southern California Railway Museum.  Choose a flat paint for your interior, don't use a glossy finish.


Also, this Santa Fe locomotive has the same exterior Warbonnet paint scheme as your F3 model


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if you can put together dimensions ( in decimal) I'd be happy to 3D print it for you.

I would start with an overall cab dimension and add in  and locate components.

You could also add dimensions on nicely detailed photo.

I'll do the 3D modeling.  I'll make it in Rhino6, my 3D modeling program, for you to review before I print.

Basically the interiors are just a series of rectangles, cubes and cylinders, some with handles, except the chairs which are real easy to model.


Santa Fe used suede grey for the cab interior of all F-units, both freight and passenger.  Wooden whistle cord pull handles were red.

In 1969-70, they dabbled in "men's room green" on F45, SD45, and U36C units delivered new, but they were repainted grey when the cab needed fresh paint.  A few units thereafter were repainted with green interiors over the years, but it was never the standard.  F-units stayed grey inside the cab.  

Santa Fe GP7, GP9, and RSD5 units, plus the switchers were delivered and maintained with dark green cab interiors, same as used on steam.  When they were repainted out of zebra stripes, the cab walls were painted grey.  SD24, RSD15, GP30, GP20, and GP35 units were grey, right from EMD, as were later EMD and GE units with steel cab walls.  With the advent of plastic walls and soft ceilings, the cab colors changed on those units, to tan and school bus dashboard brown.

The museum FP45 with green interior might match the EMD spec.  I worked aboard them when they were less than 3 years old, and I cannot remember for sure what the original color was, but I can say that they had grey interiors for most of their service life.

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