I have these cars; I have not investigated lowering them, but the Lionel does indeed look more realistic.

The Weaver 3RO coupler shank can cause the high-pockets look on many Weaver pieces, as Weaver RS/truck architecture is really a 2RO design - the 3RO coupler shank is a bit of an intruder.

- Get some Lionel or even MTH trucks (or even old 60's Atlas plastic trucks) with lower bolsters; mounting these on the Weaver car is not hard, but can take some "model railroading". I've done it here and there.

- Can the car bolster be raised (cut down) to allow the car to sit lower on the Weaver trucks? I've also done this at various times on various cars.

- Be careful of the mounting screw, as this is a flat car and you can't hide a long screw as you could in a boxcar.

Greg, besides the lowering effect can you tell the underframe is missing, lack of details that are obvious while the car sits on the rails?  Widening the coupler pocket would be a way to go, however it looks as if the brake wheel would be lost.

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