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Heck, I way beyond losing tools now.  I'm up to going to the next room and forgetting why I went there to begin with.  Not once, twice but at least 6 times a DAY.  In the past when I returned to the room I started at I would remember why I was going or what I was going to get and then do a second attempt which was usually successful.  Now, most of the time I will move on and do something else.  Fun getting older !

I don't need to be absent-minded to lose my tools.  I was very good about making sure all of my tools were put away carefully after each job.  Sets of screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, sockets, ratchets, etc. were all complete for years.  The moment my son started using tools, was the moment my problem locating tools started. Now nearly all of my sets are missing something, and I tend to find random tools in the most unexpected places.  I used to get upset, but now I just shake my head.  And yes, Now I have numerous tape measures, multiple sets of screwdrivers, etc.  Are any of them complete?  It changes daily.

huh! DAD! I did not know that you checked this forum... thought that lock on your toolbox woulda helped sort that out :-)

Since tape measures seem to be a commonly lost item....

Been using the same one for 20+ years.

2021-03-01 07.17.362021-03-01 07.17.50

When I'm done with it- it goes back on the same spot on my tool belt where it has lived since I bought it (see below). If only I could keep track of the rest of the stuff this well.

2020-04-05 10.03.07

And after I had my own tools, I know why my dad used to yell at me all the time when I didn't put his back.


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If I could get back all the time I spent (and continue to spend) looking for misplaced tools and use that time to work on my layout, my layout would be progressing very nicely. When I first started building it, I made a rule: after working on it, clean everything up and put away all tools in their designated space. It was a great rule; why did I stop following it??!!??

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