If you are like me you have perhaps missed the boat on ordering Lionel Built to Order locomotives and sets.

A dozen new Built to Order locomotives have just become available at Crocodile Train Store for shipping to you this coming Monday at GREAT prices with savings up to $340.  This includes a couple of items like the Broadway Limited set and a Chessie switcher shown below.   These won't last long, so if you are interested please visit the Latest Products Link on the Home page of my website.


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Mike Brooks


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Hi Rick,

Sorry for the delayed response to your question if I have any Big Boys in Stock from the 2014 run.

I am woefully all out of big Boys!


Also to you Cody,

Where can I see the sci fi traditional 3 rail o gauge disaster.

Which brings to mind a question I want to address to Mike from Mike Train House.

How about a train set that has 2 engines designed to crash head-on into each other and repeatedly survive.  It would be great fun for the kid, if not for the bad operating habits it might foster.  But what the heck!


Mike Brooks

Mike Brooks

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