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I wanted to wait a little while before giving Timmy his own thread.  Something that was demo'd at the Legacy Users Group that was not a feature that made it into the manual was another sound subset in the new Legacy 21" passenger cars.  Timmy and his mom ride the rails on these sound diner cars.  Timmy certainly adds play value to these already cool cars.  I haven't seen anyone mention these sound sets so I thought I'd put it out there with instructions to "summon" Timmy and his mom.  I imagine Timmy could be a hit at the train shows when clubs are running.

Here are the instructions for summoning Timmy.

Special Passenger Dialog

Your Station Sounds Diner includes the voice of a special character who may occasionally board automatically when sequence control is enabled. In addition, when operating manually you can cause this passenger to board whenever you wish. When you trigger the conductor to say the “All aboard” scene, press that key a second time within a second or few and you’ll hear the special passenger board. When this passenger is on board, you’ll hear him or her interact with the conductor and steward throughout the journey, until he or she gets off at the next station.

Note: a reset command (which also cancels Sequence Control) will silence the special passenger until the next time they board.

Here are a couple of videos highlighting Timmy.

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