image_search_1580217929900I just came upon this photo of a UP Aero train billboard and would like to get one to go with my MTH Union Pacific Aero train. Who made it, when it was made, is it still available?

While having the entire billboard is most desirable, I'd be ecstatic obtaining the printed graphic insert alone or even a 1:1 size file of the graphic itself that I could print. Help in locating this is most appreciated. 


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Lionel has a similar Pennsylvania version in Penn Flyer set 30174, may be in some other sets also by Lionel.

Don't recall if they ever did a UP version of it.

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Anyone know of a website of Lionel or K-Line billboard graphics?


Thanks for posting that link. Ed. That site is a billboard enthusiasts delight. I did see axgraphic for the Pennsy AeroTrain there but unfortunately none for the Union Pacific City of Las Vegas AeroTrain so my search for it continues.

Having seen your link, my hope of locating the billboard graphic I'm searching for has been reinvigorated. Maybe it was a Plasticville billboard rather than one produced by Lionel or K-Line?

... my search continues. 

John A posted:

just size and print what you haven your post.....easy    JohnA

Thank you for the suggestion, John,but the photo I posted has too low a resolution to enlarge it to O gauge billboard size. Enlarging that photo would give a print where the letters of the wording on that billboard would be unacceptably fuzzy and blurred. That's why I'm trying to locate either the original billboard or a high resolution, quality scan of it.

on my Mac PC screen, the billboard is almost 5 inches wide, and clear....   that's about O scale could take a photo of your screen and then have it printed.   I bet you would be satisfied, especially at normal viewing distance.  good luck,  JohnA

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