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This is my first post.  As a Christmas gift I received my first Lionel train in over 40 years, the Batman Phantom train.  I love the train.  It is really cool and I'm having a blast with it.  The train uses the lion chief control system.  I do have my eye on a non lionchief train in the future, but it does not come with a track or transformer.  I wanted to know if could set up a single fastrack set to be able to run both the lionchief and a non lionchief train on it (obviously not at the same time).  I know the track piece for the transformer is available, but I didn't know if you could have them on the same track.  Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. 



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All Fastrack track is compatible with all other Fastrack (and broadly, all other O gauge track), but you would need a "normal" AC transformer for just about all other trains. The good news is that the new transformer can operate the lionchief set without any problems.

You do not necessarily need to buy a terminal track, since they are identical to regular tracks except for a notch for the wires.

yes as uberstation stated , you will need trans former to control  conventional trains, to power engine speeds up or down,also to use bell horn features. forward,reverse. to run  lionchief engine just power up transformer , then run LC engine with remote. works great.   enjoy.



   Remember this however, your LC & LC+ can only take 18V max or you can damage the engine.  Keep the V below the 18 V mark and you are good to go, I run mine at just over  16V and everything works perfect.  This is especially true if you plan to use DCS and Legacy on the same tracks as you run your LC Batman set.

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You don't mention the model of the conventional train, but that, and expanding your roster and track someday would be considerations in choosing the size of transformer you may want to buy.

  Besides "which trains", the power supply is likely the biggest decision you'll make. 80w would be the very smallest I'd consider for two trains. Note the cw40 and cw80 look much alike, always read the labeling; even the old ZWs have watt variance depending on year.

    Note that few folks, if any, ever complained that  they "bought too large of a transformer". New or old alike will work. Old ones would be "safer" used with a modern breaker, and all supplies benefit from a transient voltage suppressor(tvs) to help protect the more modern engine electronics during derails and other shorts. A tvs is very cheap insurance (looks like a diode)

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Thank you all for your responses.  I will not be buying for awhile, but the I am considering one of these two:  The first Area 51 alien response train set or the MTH Lionel corp armored train.  I figured that I would need the section of track needed to hook up a transformer of the type that the Area 51 set and have either the lionchief cord or the other transformer powered up to run whichever train I have on it and the other plug powered down.


On a separate note: I just picked up a Lionel prewar o gauge tinplate tender at an antique store today for five bucks.  It is missing the coupler nearest to the four vents on top.  It is difficult/expensive to find and repair that part?  The rest of the tender appears to be in decent used condition.  I figured at worst, it will make a decent static piece for a future layout.  I'll include pics in my next entry.



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