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The headlight went out on my Railking F3 PS2 loco, below is a list of what I've done to try and correct the problem but to no avail:

Changed the bayonet type bulb with a new one, I only had a 24V bulb so that's what I used.
Tried a Feature reset
Tried a Factory reset
Tried the headlight on/off button function on the DCS remote
Tried change in direction
Battery fully charged
Checked for pinched or loose wiring (all looks okay)
Tried running in conventional.

Is there anything I've might have missed? everything else on the loco works just fine other than no headlight! Is there a constant voltage circuit on the board for the headlight that could have gone bad?

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As Chuck says, the #51 bulb is widely available and probably under $1 at an auto shop or lamp store.

If you can't find it, look for a "BA9S" bayonet base which is 9mm across the metal base. It can't just be any 6V bulb. The power needs to be in the 1-2 Watts range if that's the only spec they give. The Sylvania bulb mentioned above has the right bayonet base and the power is correct but the bulb portion may be too tall for the lower front hood on F-units(?)

To your point, it is possible for just the transistor that drives the headlight to go out while all the other lights continue working. The repair would be to swap the transistor as there is not a replaceable constant-voltage board per se.
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