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I have a Lionel Santa Fe 2343 F-3 "dummy" unit that was missing the headlight socket base and wire.  So I purchased a new socket base with wire and installed it.  Does that socket require a spring under the socket base?  The reason I asked is that the light will not light up.  I tried three different bulbs --all new--still no light.  The solder joint is good, the wire is new, the socket base is new.

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Thanks to all who replied.  Got a spring installed, new bulb, and still no light.  As Bill DeBrooke said "then I have another problem."   So I checked it out.  Not on a rail but using a small old transformer and two wires.  The problem is that the "rail glide" is not making contact with the rail.  When I hold a wire to the metal bubble portion of the glide the light works.  The gluide has no "spring action" to it.  I tried cleaning it and making sure it was install properly etc etc.  But it is just being held up too high and not making contact with my Fastrack.  The F-3 Power unit has no problem like this.  Only my F-3 dummy unit does.  Is there a way to adjust, fix, repair the gluide so it will be more "mobile" and have more "spring to it" and eventually touchdown on the track?

I just check again.  There is a plastic spacer under what I am calling the rail glide---the spacer is cracked and is really only half there.  It needs to be replaced with a new one.

But I am not sure that even with a  new "spacer" more spring will be added to the "rail glide."  The rollers are good and one looks like it was replaced then used very little.

Maybe I should just replace the whole "thing" and keep the old one for parts.


TrainLarry, again thanks.  Do you have another source.  Your first "here" takes me to a supplier I have had problems with in the past --2 or 3 times.  Maybe The Train Tender you referred me to earlier has these parts?

The second "here" does not picture the small plastic insulator directly under the "rail glide" itself.     

Again, I apologize for not using the correct terms.  I have even looked for a diagram from Lionel that spells out the major parts of a F-3  --I don't need a diagram of every spring, screw, washer --just the major parts taken collectively.

Now I think the problem with my rail glide is that the new wire I got with the light socket base is thicker and firmer than the original Lionel wire used?   Also, I slipped the new wire under the wire holder by the "rail glide" which is supposed to move up and down freely.  Well, I think the new wire is too firm and is the culpert not allowing the "rail glide" to plunge up and down freely.   I still need the little plastic spacer there but IF I remove the wire from the wire holder it has a lot more "movement" up and down.

QUESTION:  Will the wire holder short things out if it comes in contact with one of the copper spring braces?

Look at the attached drawing of the F3 power truck and please use the terms in it. The terms you are using are confusing.

Is your 'rail glide' the Collector assembly at the bottom center of the drawing, or the Shoe assembly at the bottom right of the drawing?

The Train Tender does not have the Collector assembly in his online list. Maybe a call to him to see if he has it or can source it for you is needed.


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