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I use very few "bright white" LED's in anything.  Newer stuff gets warm white LED's in the 3000K area, and older steam I have some great 2700K golden white LED's that are perfect for the task.  While I don't like the bright white 5000K-6000K stuff that the manufacturer's use, one aspect of LED lighting I do like.  The focused beam looks more like a real headlight, so I just correct the color choice for what I consider to be a great looking headlight.

I still can’t figure out why manufacturers persist in using the LED’s they use — they really detract from the look— in my opinion


I have a range of units spanning the last 10 years.  Since 'bright white' LEDs were introduced before 'warm white' and 'golden' you would expect them to be in the oldest releases, since in the beginning 'bright white' was all that the manufacturers could buy at the time of build.  To me, judging from my collection, they appear to be.

More recent purchases I've made, within the last 5 years, have 'warm white' in them instead of 'bright white'.  So to me there's been a noticeable transition, and no persistence.

Has the transition been totally successful?  Perhaps not, but it seems to be there given what I see in my collection.


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