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@carl552 posted:

Has anyone used these?


As Bob G said above, these work great especially connecting small wires together. On repair jobs I previously used to solder two wires together and then have to slide heat shrinkable tubing over the connection.  With these solder splices it's one simple step to slide the two stripped wire ends into the tube and then use a heat gun to melt the solder. For example, a few weeks ago I needed to connect the thin wires from a wall-wart with the thin wires from a molded power connector.  These solder splices made the job easy and ensured the splices were completely sealed.

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@JohnActon posted:

Do they have flux in the solder ?      What kind ?   I would also be concerned with cold joints.          j


I don't know about the type of solder used but it melts beautifully with just a heat gun to provide a well-formed shiny, bright finish. I have no fears of a cold joint given enough heat.  One brand of these shrink solder connectors now has 27,000 reviews on Amazon so this product is certainly gaining in popularity.  I first starting seeing them used in amateur radio and marine applications a few years ago. Suggest getting a few of them, in different sizes and give them a try yourself. You just need a heat gun. I got mine on sale from Harbor Freight for about $12.

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