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The best deal on a near lifetime supply search ebay for, "55M Polyolefin Assorted Heat Shrink Tubing"  $14 total tax and shipping for 55M that's around 180'. Unless your doing commercial work you will never need to order again.  Just placed my second order. Four years ago it was $9          j



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Short lifetime, I better order a bigger roll!

"Commercial"  Doing train repair free now days John?   If So, I better gather up some sturdy boxes !      I live on a street with three widows anything that breaks ends up at my house. I go through a lot of shrink wrap and a lot of sizes and that does not include the adhesive type I use on boats.  Not to mention nearing forty TMCC/DCS conversions to my pile of trains.  Most on the forum would never use up the bundle in that ad.     GEEEEZ, never give a hound something to billow about.          j         

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