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Yesterday 6/8/2013 on my way to visit my friends at the NJ Hirailers I finally saw a train crossing the HellGate Bridge. Not that this is a rare occurrence but...


Being a life long NYC/Long Island Resident, I've crossed the Tri-Borough bridge well over a thousand times and to my recollection only saw a train on the Bridge once before (bad timing I guess).  I mentioned this to my friend who was driving and low and behold, right after my comment an Amtrak double headed Toaster pulling a string of passenger cars came up form behind  and passed us. There was a bit of traffic which slowed us so I got to see more of the train.


Was a real good day, ran a train on the NJ Hi-Railers Layout and saw a train crossing the HellGate Bridge. Hope your day was as good!!!


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Amtrak currently cards 38 trains daily between Penn station and Boston. Not sure how many CSX runs, at least 2. The Amtrak trains use the two westerly tracks while track 3 is used by CSX for the runs to Fremont /Fresh Pond for the interchange with NY &  Atlantic.Track 4 is out of service and no wire on track 3.


In the 1950s and early 1960s we saw many passenger trains with New Haven Electrics at the point  . When Penn Central came, GG1's starting running through to New Haven. I can recall long trains of reefers, running across the Bridge. These went to Fremont to the interchange and Bay Ridge. The LIRR also had a yard in East New York where many reefers were dropped by these trains.


The Bridge line opened in 1917 but the passenger lines were not electrified until a year later. The Freight line would not be electrified until 1928 so New haven Steam locos handled the chores down to Fremont. The Book New Haven Power has a photo of a Southbound crossing over Queens Boulevard with a New haven Mikado at the point.


New haven always used 11kV Ac  catenary but Pennsylvania did not adopt the 11kV catenary into Pennsylvania station and Sunnyside until 1933 1934.


Here is a Penn Central Train on the **** Gate Bridge with a GG1 on the point. Track 4 is still in place but looks like the wire is gone


PC on HG


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Last evening at 8:55pm the stone train passed my home going northbound with it's empty hopper cars but for the first time having 5 P&W locomotives but fewer hoppers cars than I have seen recently. Very interesting. I would guess that some of the hopper cars were not emptied by the time the train had to leave. The cars start out on Long Island, NY and run by The New York and Atlantic. Then at Fresh Pond Junction in Queens the cars are picked up by the P & W Locomotives and go over the famous **** Gate Bridge to Bronx on Amtrak to Shell Junction in New Rochelle in Westchester County and onto Metro-North's New Haven Line and into CT. and onto and past New Haven to Cedar Hill Yard where the train to picked by The New England Central Locomotives and up North to where the stone is mined. Then the next day the process with loaded hopper cars returns to Long Island usually in the late morning after the morning peak travel period is over for Metro-North.


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