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HI,  I have a HellGate Bridge and would like to run two O Gauge trains through it.  The rest of the layout is Lionel Fast Track and so the bridge base is not wide enough to accommodate 2 Fast Tracks side by side.  Question:  should I be using different width track on the bridge?  If so, are there transition tracks I should use to connect to the Fast Track when the trains enter / exit the bridge base?

Many thanks in advance.

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They made a transition piece for FT to tubular at one time. I'm not sure it's still available.   Lining up the two butted with both screwed down, and shimmed to height should work if you have some old track. Id try to reshape the tube track ends a little to square them to match along the inside so flanges don't pick and climb there.  Old tube track is cheap. You might even find a few for free. (check for sale section. And or "free" in advanced search and "if anybody want's/needs some" in posts.

One of the magazines, either OGR or CTT did an article on using double main Fastrack on the Lionel 305 Hellgate bridge. I believe there was shimming involved but I am not sure.     If you have access to a good table saw with a really good carbide trim blade you can trim sufficient material off to get two to fit side by side.  WARNING   Wear a face shield, the first piece I ripped took wings because either I was moving the material too fast or did not have tight to the table.  I made a rip on both pieces and placed the cut to the outside. The bridge is 30 1/2” and the Fastrack is 30” so you will have to take a coping saw and trim the corner on the two connecting pieces. Remember to move slowly and use two push blocks, one to push and one to hold tight to the table. Only remove enough material so they fit snugly.






My last visit to New York City was well over 20 years ago and I don’t recall the details of the floor of the of the 1:1 scale **** Gate Bridge, but from what I can see in photographs, like many other railroad and highway bridges it has an open-grid floor so it would not have a gravel-based roadbed like FasTrack.  So if prototype railroading is important to you, I would go with tubular or other track such as Gargraves on your bridge.  I use 2 full sections of unbent Gargraves O flex track on my double-track #305 **** Gate Bridge which eliminates any joints on the bridge.  As Adriatic said you will probably have to shim up the bridge somewhat to match the height of the Lionel FasTrack approaches. 

Where is Stu “the Bridge Builder” when we need him? 


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