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They can still be worked on, and parts gotten.  The lil steamer is o gauge Ives from the early 1930s, and was actually made by Lionel. A lot of those parts are readily available. The 3241 is wide (or standard) gauge and is from the mid 20s  its likely that it won't need more than cleaning and re-wiring (maybe motor brushes) to get it going again.  Really good shape for Ives (their paint has a tendency to flake off a lot) What part of the country are you?  There are some folks that would work on this for you.


Lucky you....Your Ives tender is an exact duplicate of my 257T Lionel tender???? The engine is similar to my Lionel 261, I run all my tin plate on ZW's... just give them a little TLC and they will run for ever. I get most of my Lionel parts from Dr Tinker...  I don't know if he has any Ives Parts. Once you start with tin plate it's hard to stop. I like to restore them. but yours are in great shape.





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