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I am adding a smoke unit to older Locomotive as the original pellet one is missing. IMG_0017 [1)

The picture is from P. 70 of Greenberg's Repair and Operating Manual.

Can a substitute be used? Pondered 3d printing but then again not so

much as around the heating element. I have found the other parts

671-188, 671-189.

Most importantly, Where to find such a part?

Thanks, UnclePeteRR


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  • IMG_0017 (1): smoke unit assembly
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@UnclePeteRR posted:
This last piece I need...

That was obsoleted very quickly, which is too bad as it is a wear item. I have a couple that are worn, when the time comes to address them, I will probably form new ones from flat stock. They won't look the same, but they will work as intended. The problem is to select a material that will hold up for a while but not cut off, or in to, the little nub eccentric on the wheel.

@UnclePeteRR posted:

Rob, What kind of metal do you form them out of?

@UnclePeteRR posted:

Rob, Can you post a picture of one yours next to a ruler,please?

As I indicated, I have not done this yet. I am subscribed to using some kind of aluminum when I do get to it, but these are back-burner projects. Whatever I use, I will go with something that is sacrificial to the nub eccentric on the wheel as it's a lot easier to replace the flapper then the wheel.

Maybe I'm way out in left field here as I never saw the actual steam turbine locomotive in action but - the part the poster is looking for makes the smoke unit "puff". Since this is a steam turbine locomotive, I suspect it never "puffed' at all but rather emitted a continuous stream of exhaust smoke as the turbine unit would send a continuous steam output due to the high rotational speeds involved.

That being said, substituting a fan driven smoke unit would cure two problems with one solution.......

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