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Trying to repair a couple of #68 inspection cars, and the job is getting done, but the lamp sockets are holding matters up. They are junk, and don't look like they would have worked since day one! The single pin used in each of the sockets is broken in the same way, and in the same spot. It looks like a reasonably common pin, and I looked in Mouser and Digi-Key but I cannot ID it. I removed the broken pin and have a photo below.


As you can see, half of the lamp pin socket is missing, specifically in the portion on the right where the socket would normally grip the lamp pin. Lionel has a part number (68-92) for the whole socket assembly, but I only need the pin. I did find some socket assy's on da bay, but they are also used and would likely suffer from the same malady!

If you can ID this pin, I sure would appreciate the help!!



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@caa posted:

The Lionel part # is 68-92 for the socket. Only place I can find it is on ebay. The bulb is 19-300.


Thanks Chris. I found those on eBay also and a couple of other private or commercial sellers - some were listed as new (may have to resort to that), others as used. I won't buy used because they will probably also exhibit the same cracking/wear pattern. I've got the bulbs.

Just trying to buy the pin because it's the only part of the whole assembly that is actually defective.



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