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I bought a bunch of misc parts and trucks off dabay, and these are the more interesting trucks, but danged if I can ID them - if my searching time was worth only a dollar an hour I probably could have bought 'em new!

IMG_5157  IMG_5158Exhibit A appears to be the same design, just with more parts missing on the left truck!

IMG_5159IMG_5160 Exhibit B, another 6 wheel truck with no clue on the coupler arrangement

IMG_5161IMG_5162IMG_5163 Exhibit C - has a very stout metal plate on top. The mounting arrangement appears similar to that used in the old 200 series ALCO's and 600 series NW2s, except for the obvious fact this truck has 6 wheels. The base plate and shoe assy, were attached, but honestly not sure if they belong. This base plate did not use the usual brass contact between the shoe rivet and the coupler, but rather a single wire.

IMG_5164IMG_5165 Exhibit D - I've seen this one a few times in the past, just don't recall what family or piece of rolling stock it belongs to.

Thanks for any help you can offer!



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