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Hello, my first post here, and my first Lionel engine (besides my Holiday set that i bought many years ago). Found it very cheap locally, and fixing it up.

But i can't pinpoint when it was made, I don't know if that's even possible. So i am asking if there is anyone here with more info that would help.

It is a MPC 8010, and it appears that someone swapped a postwar 634 shell on it, and added matching decorations to make it look like a MPC 634.

The powered truck is a 8010-127, and as can be seen in the pictures, it is the scout style power pickups. Would that narrow it down to early -70's, or could it be anywhere from 1970 to 1986?

(I added the yellow wire for better motor/chassis grounding).



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The motor looks correct for the very early '70s. Examples of the 8010 using leftover postwar 634 shells are a recognized variation, so it is likely that the shell is correct with that chassis and with those trim pieces. Perhaps 1970 or '71.

I am always curious about MPC. Did your engine come with a set? Did you learn anything about its history before it found you?

I found it at a local FB marketplace, advertised as Lionel #634. It was just the engine in an old cardboard box with both brown and black tie tracks, some switches, and power supply. So no set.

The seller said he got it at an estate sale, as part of a larger purchase, so unfortunately no history.



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The holes for the radio wheel (which is missing) and the bell, look like the are drilled afterwards.

One theory i have is that it could be a MPC 634, the original shell got damaged, and the exact replacement shell couldn't be found so they took a prewar 634 shell, drilled the holes and transferred the wheel and bell over from the old shell.

It is just a theory, but if other details indicate the train is indeed from the early days, this could be a MPC 634 engine. I don't want to claim that, though, if i am not sure about it.

You can see in this pic these holes don't look original.20210731_152134_HDR-02


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I did some research on these engines for an LCCA club magazine article in 2009. Over a fifty year period (1950-1990), Lionel produced 60 models of this engine in 24 different road names (also 3 military and 6 private brands). One of the most popular road names was the blue Santa Fe #634. This engine was also included in some sets, which it appears you have. They were all conventional with a universal motor and an E-unit. The ones I have are still operational.

I would like to thank you all for your responses! It has been very helpful to me!!

Being new to Lionel, I have learned quite a lot the recent days, reading up on anything I could find on the Internet, and visiting great forums such as this one.

I am excited for owning one of these old engines! It might not have high monetary value, but it is valuable to me, and it is a keeper!

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