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I realize this is real trains and I am building a model but assume it would take someone familiar with the prototype to tell me what this is and where it should be located. The part in question is the U shaped casting with the shutoff valve on top. I don't think it was meant to be one of the glad hands pictured.

I am building a Mullet River NYC caboose and there is no illustration of the part in the directions. I also have pictures of the prototype and can't find it on the inside nor the end platforms. I assume its some sort of shutoff for an airline but again, no clue. Any suggestions appreciated.




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Thanks guys. I may have to check the one closer to me to verify the location. Rusty, I just posted the pic of the glad hands to differentiate from the other part. Phil, no air gauge in the kit but I could fab one if I can see where it belongs. I have another kit but still haven’t made up my mind if I will do another. Plan on closing your doors for a month if you get one to build. I expect to have about 100 hours in this before I am done.

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I may have found them. DB11C64F-724C-49E4-A63E-508562118C4A

No sign of them on the platform.Also found the air gauge.



The first picture shows the water tank.  It’s filled from those pipes.  The air valve is next to the gauge in the second photo above the desk.  The air pipes come up directly to that from the floor behind that wall and under the cupola.

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Tom 4 from Syracuse O Gauge group and project manager for the restoration of NYC Caboose 19144 on the New York State Fairgrounds. As was said, the top parts are break hoses. The U shape shut offs do not belong in and NYC 19000 Series Caboose. They might belong in another type NYC caboose, but not a Wood sided 19000 series.

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