411C331C-7372-48A7-BB10-0E6C663906428297CCB2-0935-4CBF-BE64-E27620C39F2FI’m looking to identify so I can purchase multiple sets of the pictured Lionel coupler.  It has a long, articulated shank. Trucks are plastic.  Wheels are metal.  

These are on a kit built auto rack, and I’d like to put the same ones on some more or locate something similar that is a flush mounted truck. 


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That is a representation of very old Arch Bar freight car trucks, used well prior to the 1940s. No way should such an "old truck" be used on modern freight cars, such as that auto rack.

Anybody else have information to identify this or suggestion about a different flush mounting truck with long shank coupler I can use?

 Atlas makes a 70 ton roller bearing truck with a long shank coupler. There are some on the Bay now. One listing has a real picture to see exactly what you are getting. You can get mounts from Shapeways.

Not sure but could those trucks have been taken off a Lionel caboose and used on this car carrier........Paul 2

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