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One man's quest has come up empty so far in the search for the holy grail.  Missed auctions, LHS searches, trolling the internet...nada, zilch.  A tiny lead, a hint of possiblity, or if someone would like to part with theirs, anything to keep the quest from dying would be appreciated.  Do they exist?  Email is in profile, Thanks

MTH 20-5570-1MTH 20-5697-1MTH 20-5698-1


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  • MTH 20-5570-1
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@Rog  just keep watching auctions like Stout and Cabin Fever and the other regulars. For whatever reason I see them pop up in clusters for sale.  These come screwed to a steel base and then in the regular rigid foam packaging. Too many breakable parts if shipped otherwise. My understanding of the (2-3-4) numbering, the numbers only indicate how many power units (plus 1) were in the consist.   My purchase did not come with the other B unit.   I also have a Great Northern Box Cab designated a Y1. 20-5526-1 

Happy with mine - 20-5570-1  and it is happy where it is.  ; )

Good Hunting ... Jeff



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I wish I had known I sold mine still brand new a few months ago. I post on this forum and I never get any responses to my ads. I price less than retail and no interest.

It seems like nobody responds because they are waiting for you to lower the price. I sold them on the other auction place for about double what I was asking for here.


Just as a reference point - I picked up my EF (PS2) set for $825 in February 2021. At the time I thought it was a bit high, but since they do not come up all that often I took the plunge.  A good example of market pricing - hard to find and in demand by more than one person at the time of sale. Who wants it most wins.

I am doing the same sort of search for a Bi-Polar.  I keep missing the semi-damaged examples at around $250, and of course can buy them all day long at $425.

So if you have one with scratched paint, broken castings, burnt-up electronics, etc., for cheap, let me know.  Sure, I can afford the $425 variety, but I want to 2-rail it, so am waiting for less than perfect.  It is, indeed, the search.

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