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I have a K-line Berkshire K3670-1426CC. Beautiful engine, perhaps my favorite (shh, don't tell the MTH Daylight this)...

I started it up this afternoon, and smoke started coming from the chassis. The previous night, I had run it without problem. It was still on the track where I ended last night's session. Opening up, I found the culprit: one of the boards was smoking. I think it's the motor control board? Opening the engine up, this is what it looks like, the smoking board is highlighted:


The wires going from the board to the motor have charred, along with some blackening of the board, transistors, and capacitors, seen here:



Attempting to pull the connector apart resulted in the connector base delaminating from the board. Char can be easily seen.


So.. Question for everyone. Is this engine toast? Can I get a replacement board? How would you go about fixing this?

Thanks in advance.


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Classic K-Line cruise failure, I've seen a bunch of them and they all go up in flames in the same place.  It's a design flaw in the K-Line cruise module.

The fix is usually putting an ERR Cruise Commander M board in there.  If you're OK without cruise, you can go cheap and put a Lionel DCDR in, that'll set you back a fraction of what the ERR board will cost.

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