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We (the River City 3 Railers ) received a generous donation of 3 rail trains this week. Tom (Gilly@N&W) and I went through them yesterday. There was this metal tunnel....I'm not sure I know the manufacturer......a little voice in my head is saying "Ives"......but that is a guess....Thanks in advance....




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I was unable to look for my tunnels last night (do to other things that had to get done) but looked up a old post I did "Prewar 8 inch metal Train Tunnel question?"
The original photos were lost in the post but as I scrolled down I did find a picture of my Lionel 118 (no-lighted) tunnel.
The keystone does state Lionel in a funny type of script.

I did ask the same question about the single and double wall and what I got was that the tunnel with the inner wall was probably a earlier version and the one without the inner wall was a later version and that the inner wall ws eliminated to cut cost.

The other question that I had was with the two slots on each side of the bottom of the tunnel and what they were used for?Thought that they may be used during the painting process to hang or that there may of been a clip to connect two tunnels together?
Any thoughts?



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The only other things I can think of is either popping a question on tinplate forums or contacting the Toy Train Museum to see if they have any information on variations. It would be interesting to see that sort of like some of the Marx engines and cabooses that vary during shortages due to wartime. This could be one of those very rare early versions that may not have been seen since way back before most of us were born. Be interesting too to hear the story behind it.

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