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I purchased an Amtrak Merchant Limited ready to run set last year and was running it on my MTH DCS Wifi system. I am in the process of using that system to build a permanent layout and decided to use the MTH DCS Explorer Wifi system that came with the set to do a Christmas tree layout. I hooked everything up and used the MTH wifi setup with my iPhone. I get a wifi connection but I can not get the DCS to recognize the engine. The app has been updated but is there something in the Explorer control that needs updated? I get a message that there is no WIU/TIU's found. My iPhone sees and I have chosen the DCS network. Any ideas?

Thanks, 54dodge

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Your app is setup to look for WIUs, not DCS Explorers. Just do the following:

  • Navigate to the DCS App's More... Screen
  • Tap App Settings
  • Tap on the DCS Explorer box
  • Return to the Engine Control Screen
  • Tap on Refresh (the sort of circle at the top right).

Now, proceed to add the engine.

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