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Around new years I purchased a MTH Freight set with some extra track and basic DCS Remote Commander system.  The train has operated flawlessly as I am trying to build my RR empire.  I was running the train Friday night and all was well.  I switched the remote to PFA and the bell started sounding as usual, then I pressed the dir button and the train started slowing down as usual, then the lights went out and it skidded to a dead stop.  The circuit breaker on the z-500 transformer was tripped.  I checked the locomotive for anything that could have shorted out on the trucks and everything looked normal.  When the loco is on the tracks, the breaker will trip, with the locomotive off the track, the caboose light works around the layout as it should and the transformer and lighted track interface bulbs work as normal.  Yesterday I thought my problems were solved when I cleaned the trucks of some excess grease that was against the drive wheel gears and contacting the metal bottom of the truck.  I cleaned the gunk off and disconnected a rail for a test track.  The locomotive went through its sd/su sequence as it normally does.  I went to bed last night thinking I had the problem solved.

Today I fired up my train and it started up normally, the smoke unit worked the lights and bell and horn all worked.  I throttled the train up and it went forward maybe 3 feet and the breaker tripped again.  This time I checked the track with a volt meter and read 19 volts AC everywhere around the layout.  

Is there any simple quick fix I should try before I seek service.   Do I need to contact MTH as this was an online purchase for warranty  or do any of you folk know of something I should check out that would not void my warranty. 

          Thanks in advance; John


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The wires that go through the trucks look OK. The heat shrink looks intact. I just turned off the room lights and put the engine on the track.  When I turned on the power strip I noticed a arc above the rear trucks. I am afraid to disassemble it too much because I don't want to void the warranty.  

Thanks for your input though, I may try tracking it down. 

I don't see a specific answer on my DCS companion, but I hope someone has found a solution. 

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