HELP need ideas for a Sky / Mountain backdrop with stars for a really large Christmas train layout

Looking for some ideas for a Twinkling Star lit sky sort of getting dark scene with perhaps some Mountains as a back drop for a large Christmas O Gauge display with village.


I am setting up a large collection at our local Railway musuem to run with a Polar Express trains event.

Need to cover about 20 feet behind the layout.

Was thinking of some cardboard painted a darkish blue then sprinkle with sparkling gliter before the paint is dry??


Pehaps for Mountain scenes some cardboard cut into jagged shapes then spray a white/blue mix. Place these in front of the Sky scenes. Perhaps a spot light with color wheel shining at the sky to illuminate the glitter??


Any other ideas?

Large area easy and quick to make??

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quick and easy night sky?...


go to the fabric department of your wal-mart...i'm pretty sure they sell dark blue fabric that looks like a star filled night least my local store sell it...last time i looked my local store had several patterns...


do the mountains with the cardboard like you mentioned...



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