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I have the Vision Line Challenger, 6-11210. The head light doesn't work. I opened the engine and found 2 wires that came off a connector, one of the wires has a resistor at the end that was attached to a connector plug. The plug has 3 pins so I don't know which one the wires connect to.

Does anyone know how I can get a schematic that shows the electrical connections for the head light and what the value is of the resistor?



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OK so I finally got the photos of the issue regarding the disconnected wires. Hopefully the attached will help better show the issues. As you can see, there is a connector with 3 terminals. 2 of the wires came off and I don't know which wire goes where. One of the wires has a resistor, but don't know the value, it needs to be replace as the lead is very short.

Any help or suggestions would be appreaciated.



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