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Hello everyone...I own a Premier RS11 Diesel (D&H #20-20211-1 from the 2012-Volume 1 Catalog) that has been stored in its box for the past few years.  I'd like to remove the shell so I can check the condition of the smoke unit wicking material.  For the record, I'm pretty experienced doing this type of work on MTH engines, but have never done so on the RS11's specifically.

The six (6) body-mount screws are obvious and I have removed them.  However, there are no body-mount screws (at least that I can see!) at the very end of the long hood.  It appears that there is a "tab" at that end that locks the body shell to the frame.  Assuming I'm correct, what is the best method to release that tab?  I'm reluctant to apply much pressure to it in fear that I may break it off.  Unfortunately, the owners' manual does not show or speak to this tab.

Does anyone here have experience with this...and if so, could you share your method here, please?

Thank you!

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Thanks for your reply, Bruce.  I’m aware of and appreciate the precautions you mentioned; however, I’m specifically asking for advice on how to release the tab on the long-hood end of the shell without breaking it off as it appears there are no body mount screws on that end.  Do you have any experience with that specific step in the shell-removal process?  Thanks again!

@Jon G posted:

Remove all of the washerhead screws from the frame (some may be hidden. Look under the sideframes), then slide the shell forward to release the tab.

Jon, thanks for the tip!  After wrestling with it some more I was finally able to get the shell off by sliding it forward a bit (as you recommended) to release the tab.  Wow, as Bruce mentioned above, there sure is a lot of stuff packed VERY tightly under that shell!!

Anyway, I repacked the smoke unit batting (my reason for wanting to take the shell off in the first place) and now she’s smoking up a storm.  I also found a pinched wire that probably happened during the assembly process as I’ve never had the shell I repaired that, too, while I was under the hood.

I always appreciate it when folks “close the loop” so to speak on requests for help here on the Forum, so I figured I should do the same.

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