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Hey Mannyrock:

Here are a couple of photos of my RMT BEEP.

It was originally shelled with the black "New York Central" body when I bought it brand new a few years ago, but I wanted the bright yellow "Chessie System" body when they became available, cause I think that railroad colour scheme is really neat.

Anyway, I purchased the "Chessie System" body last year and swapped it over, easy peezy!!! I also removed the original roller pick-ups, as it was "stalling" when going through my Buco brass rail turn-outs. I swapped them for a set of brass "spoons" used on my Buco loco's (Swiss brand of tinplate trains), and it just glides through the turn-outs now, even at low speed.

Also, my BEEP starts-up in the direction of the "F" painted at the front of the cab chassis.

I have also attached a small/rough video of my BEEP circumnavigating my Buco layout at full speed (10V) and, as you will see, it's not about to set any land speed records.....but I still love it!!!

I am waiting to hear back from RMT in response to the E-mail I sent them as well.....fingers crossed.

Peter.......Buco Australia.



The original "New York Central" body stored in the replacement "Chessie System" box.


The original RMT BEEP box the "New York Central" loco came in.


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John,   I may well end up buying one of your reverse boards before my BEEP mess is over with, but I would need a set of instructions for installation that any 6th grader could follow. :-)

Bucco,  it is funny that you mention tinplate.  I am putting together a tinplate train of cars, and I don't want to fool with buying a tinplate locomotive.  Most of them look pretty terrible to me.     I am getting a BEEP because it is the only modern loco I have seen that actually looks tinplate-ish, in both size, brightness and design.  Before I sent my new BEEP back, I had it pull the tinplate cars around for a minute or two, and it looked great.



In researching BEEPs, I saw this ad on Worthpoint.

"RMT Halloween Beep Diesel Locomotive New In Box. The locomotive is 3 rail O scale. Unit #1031, Stock #92472 HALLOWEEN Railroad painting and lettering in a unique 'spooky' paint scheme.RMT-92472 HALLOWEEN #1031 features upgraded speed control and electrical pickup. "

I note that in pictures, both the orange and yellow models of the Halloween BEEPs have painted rails.

So, it looks like the Halloween BEEPs are the upgraded models.



More BEEP info:

My research shows that RMT and Aristocraft entered into a Joint Marketing Agreement in March of 2010, which included sharing a production facility in China.  A short time thereafter, the price of the BEEPs jumped from $60 to $100. 

The wording on the Box was also changed to say:   "BEEP GP 7/9 Diesel Locomotive" on the front.

I think that the BEEPs sold in these boxes, at the higher price, were the upgraded units.

If anybody has a BEEP, with this wording on the original box, it would be great if you would let us know how fast it will run.



Hi Chris (lehighline):

Sorry for the tardy reply, but "life" just got in the way the past couple of days.

Here are the photos you asked looks to me that I also have the pi..y little circuit board.


                The end of the original box with loco description and bar code


The back of the original box with all of the instructions on how to get the body off and back on the chassis, and the use/location of the "on-off switch" for the different types of operation.


View of the chassis with the body removed...note I have removed the knuckle coupler from the rear of the chassis and replaced it with a "drop-link hook" coupling to mate with my Buco wagons.


    Better shot of the circuit board and motors. I think I have the weak circuit board??

Hope this is enough to determine which circuit board I have in my BEEP.

Peter......Buco Australia


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Just bought a NIB Halloween Beep on E-Bay, for $125.   Description says it was made in 2015, and is an Aristo-RMT Beep.  .  Front of Box says Beep GP 7/9 Diesel Locomotive.  (It was listed at $175 or Best Offer.  I threw in the low offer and it was accepted.)

It will arrive by April 27th.     I'll see how fast it runs, and take a picture of the circuit board, and post the info here.

Luckily, the Seller info says that anything can be returned if the Buyer is not 100% satisfied with it.  So, I feel pretty safe about returning it if it runs slowly.

I have no use for the Halloween decorated shell, because I already have the Sante Fe shell I want. So, if I keep the Beep, I'll post the Halloween shell for sale in the For Sale section.   



This thread got me wondering, so I got my "Beep" out of storage, ran it, and took a look under the shell.

Appears I may have the older version as well, but it runs fine for me, controlled starts and good speed without a load.

The weight plates have some surface rust that I'll clean up before repacking.

Now I recall why it's not a favorite, jerky operation on my RealTrax turnouts, a behavior that will keep it in the box.



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Here's a little video with two BEEP engines I have, the PP&L one is the original BEEP Commander and BEEP sound board that ERR did years ago, the PRR one is one I upgraded with the ERR Cruise Commander Lite and RailSounds Commander as a test of what would fit into the little engine.  It got some greatly enhanced lighting as well.

Since the drivetrains are identical as well as the motors, one can only assume that it's the electronics that determines the top speed.  It appears the Cruise-Lite wins the speed race, it caught up with the BEEP Commander equipped one after a couple of laps.

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