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Installed a PS3 into my Proto Sound engine.   On start up no head light on.   Moving forward no head light.  Neutral,   Then Reverse head light comes on.

Changed motor wires around and I get this.   Starts up no head light.  Moves in Reverse no head light. Neutral, Then forward with head light on.

Do I have wires needing switched some where.    Could I have the wrong chain file Installed ?     Before adding the sound file and chain file.  Engine started with head light on and moving forward the head light got brighter.     I am lost with what to do now.     I am in need of help....can any one chime in or had this problem doing upgrade with there PS3 doing this.


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Gunrunnerjohn,  I installed a PS 3 upgrade kits MTH  50-1911 into a Rail king  30-1115-1   4-6-2 Pennsylvania K-4 Railking engine.

I used this sound file and chain file.    Sound file used   r172_p_k4_3858_prr171101af4x.mth    Chain file used

I am not sure,  if I used the correct files or not ?      If not could you help me find the correct files ?

Should I reinstall the files over again that I used ?

Looking forward to hearing any ideas,   Thank you for being so kind.   

Do NOT use anything but the PS32 chain file for the PS32 board, you can't use the standard PS/3 chain files!  Sadly, the PS/3 steam upgrade doesn't really point this out.

I've attached the proper chain file for a steam upgrade with the PS32 board for the full sized smoke unit, that's what your RK engine should have.  Load this chain file set and do a couple of power cycles and see if it doesn't get it's mind right.  Don't unzip the file, just point the consumer loader at it and use the FLASH function.


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