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I could use some help from you MTH experts. I bought an MTH Milwaukee Road EF-2 20-5697-1 Proto 3.0 and I am experiencing some issues. There are two powered units A + B. The A unit works fine but the automatic pantograph does not operate. I can see the mechanism moving inside when I click "reverse" but the pantograph tab is in the wrong position. Is there a good way to address this? Both A and B units have the same pantograph issue. The B unit has no sound. I went to the MTH website but the features list does not address this. Does anyone know if the B unit is supposed to have sound? When I bought the units the manual was not included. I was able to solve the "Lashup" issue.

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@Jerryrails posted:

DanR, since this is a multiple unit loco, I assume the pan up would be the rear unit, yes?

I don’t have that locomotive, so I can’t really say anything beyond probably.  Try it.  If it doesn’t work reverse the locomotive and do it.

Alternatively, you can use the softkey MOP.  Press the center button to MANUAL and raise front and rear pans.  Snap your pans on then press MOP and select AUTO.

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