I've been researching the best way to use pulleys and/or winches to raise my soon to be built 7x10 train table in my garage.  I haven't been able to find start to end instructions - just pieces.

KEN-OSCALE suggested using a Racor ceiling lift, which will handle 250 pounds.  I like the simplicity, and it should be sufficient based on my weight calculations, but the footprint it uses is 4x4, and I can't figure out how to extend it to about 6x7, which is where the eye bolts will be on the perimeter of the table.

If anyone has a video, or can send me pictures of their setup, it would REALLY be appreciated.  I'm chomping at the bit to build the table, but I don't want to start until I'm sure I can raise it, since I do need the garage space.

And I DO know that I should overengineer, to make sure things don't come crashing down on my car, my wife, me, or some combination of the above.

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For my 6x12, I did two things: 

1) I added pulleys attached to the ceiling joists, 1 foot beyond each corner.   The cable simply threads over the existing pulley wheels in reaching the new pulleys.  That got me the 6' width.

2) To make the 12' length, I extended the axle connecting the two end bridges.   That took some "engineering" - I purchased a steel square (hollow) 1"(?) rod to extend the length, from Home Depot.

Its been "up" for about a dozen years now.   I park my Mustang beneath.


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You could keep the 4' x 4' eye bolt footprint as designed. 

Simply build your layout's framework so each of those cables go straight down, and each eye bolt passes through a section of your 2 x 4 framework.  That way, don't have to re-engineer anything related to the lifting mechanism. 

You could hide or "dress-up" the portions of those protruding eye bolts and cables that are close to the layout by turning them into telephone poles, cell phone towers, trees, buildings (cable through the roof), or something else decorative. 

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