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In thinking back to the layouts of the 50’s, I have been on a casual search for a very long time for some houses that my dad had on our layout. IIRC, they were wood or heavy card stock with wood frames, but the windows and doors were clear (or translucent) plastic. I’m leaning more toward wood than card stock, as I think they were textured, as in having overlapping boards like shiplap. For all I know, they could have been from plans in Popular Mechanics, or Popular Science of which he had a huge collection. As a matter of fact, he built a 3’ long remote control model of a Coast Guard cutter from one of the magazines, which I think my brother still has.

Any ideas?

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@Artie-DL&W posted:

Thanks, and I’ve checked a few Skyline, but I don’t think they had plastic windows and doors.

The ones we had had like a cellophane sheet with the window frames printed on them. The Bungalow #689 and Farmhouse #604 had paper windows but the Interlocking Tower #638 and the #601 Residence had the cellophane ones. I don't remember what kind of windows the barn had . I've been on the hunt for them for many years now hoping to either score a good one or build new ones with Plastruct and GrandtLine castiings.


In the 50's YANK sold O gauge kits similar to what you described.  None listed for sale on the  major auction site right now, but they do come up from time to time.  Just takes patience.  I have one unbuilt.  They made up into a very good looking postwar house.


Rummaging through my unbuilt kits, I found two unbuilt YANK kits.  (Pictures below)  Wood sides, Fiberboard base and roof, plastic windows and doors.  I also found a couple of other vintage house kits, Megow's O gauge cottage, and Skyline's #689 cottage.  They're nice and appear complete, but I probably will not get to build them (at 89 time grows limited).Scan_20210511 [2)Scan_20210511


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Thanks to all who responded. I’m now sure, after checking on Google, that they were most likely Yank Model Research kits, specifically two of the residences. The “Compton” residence, especially with the little porch is striking a chord. There are none on the auction site, but I’m going to search. I’d like to build one, as both a memory of my dad, and just to see if I can.

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