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Anybody have an idea on the manufacturer of this? From what I've found so far, I think it's American Flyer?  There are no markings on the engine other than inside the cab window - is cast the '9 E'. The two cars (identical) have no markings either other than 'made in USA' on the car end. The track is also not marked. No reason to believe it's a mismatch of items but suppose it's possible.

I know it's not worth much but would like to find the right tender to go with the loco, since it's been in the family. The train runs great and surprised at the overall good original condition. Guessing circa 1920?

Thanks in advance for any help

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you have one of the many versions of a Flyer Type XV locomotive.  made in the late 20's and early 30's they were featured in many of the Express sets, sometimes aka the Empire Express sets.  Flyer got away with their clockwork guarantee with these smaller motors by not really advertising them as American Flyer.

by the way, with that in mind, these motors are truly less robust than the standard Flyer clockwork drive, so it helps to be more gentle with these pieces ... oddly in direct contradiction to their originally intended use as low end toys.


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