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Am certainly not an expert but have seen quite a few of 600 series cars to recognize an odd ball? I bought this as a junker to restore and paused, cause it doesn't lookBottom of 602 car602 wheels & axlesside view of 602 truck right.

The car body bottom has no slots to accept a regular truck with a tab. The trucks that came with it have no tab (or evidence of) and the wheels are squared off, three times the weight of a normal wheel- not the norm. The axles have a fixed flange. Figure someone put pot luck together so it could roll with the wheels/axels but....before I do something dumb figured to ask if someone knows anything?

The best I can find is that the Lionel 602 PO Office or Baggage disappeared from catalogs around 1925? The Lionel Lines stamp on the bottom appears original.

Any help to ID- greatly appreciated. If it is right, were there washers/shims between car and truck?




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  • Bottom of 602 car
  • 602 wheels & axles
  • side view of 602 truck
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John,  those appear to be crude copies of a Lionel truck for about 1916-1920 or so.  One can tell that the rivets were hand pressed into the steel, Lionel's were much more even on the depth, spacing, and have less metal deformation around them.  Note that the middle cut-outs are not even, a sign they were hand cut, not stamped. As for the wheels/axels, several manufacturers (not Lionel) made cast and turned wheels and I would guess they are actually of Nuremburg origin with the pre gauged axels.

The actual trucks would have screw mounted just the same way except Lionel truck have a shoulder on them that the mounting screw threads into, with no limit tabs, and no washers.  Greenberg identified the correct truck as Type 2.

You should do with this what you want, its not a rare variation or anything.

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