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I have searched and searched the forum about dz1000 switches and troubleshooting the non-derailing function and I am at a loss.  A little history, I had a layout 10 years ago which I took down because of a move at that time all my switches worked including the non-derailing function and now since reassembling my layout I have hooked up several dz 1000 switches back up and all work manually just fine but cannot figure out why the non-derailing is not working.  What it is doing is when a truck passes over the insulated section of the track the lights flicker and go out, but the switch machine does not activate.  It is like it is not getting enough current to trigger the machine. I have tripled checked my wiring but still same results.  Things I have checked are continuity between insulated track and soldered wire all is good to the machine, I have cleaned track etc....  Any help. suggestions is greatly appreciated.    I am a novice when it comes to electrical wiring but am willing to listen and learn.

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Hi David,

A few suggestions. Make certain your cuts in the rail for the insulated sections are clear thru with no metal shavings remaining. Make sure you have cuts in the rail on both sides of the soldered wire on your isolated section. (Don’t ask me how I know…) Ensure the opposite side outside rail is connected to the U side of the circuit.

What track are you using?


Thank you everybody. I will double check my phasing. I do have a dedicated transformer for my switches. I worked on it this evening and I have 2 switches hooked up now that are working perfectly with the dz 1002 buttons. When I tested the non derailing again and still nothing. I do notice the light will go dim when I roll a truck over the insulated section. And when I back it out the light on the switch will come back on. Both switches are doing the same thing so it makes me think it has something to do with my common wire. I will check my phasing again and go from there. My common wire for track power is on the outside rail. My lay out is an oval layout with 3 switches turning left into the oval. Not sure if orientation of the switches affects this if the common is on the outside rail. I have my common wire coming off my switch transformer going to the common on my zw track transformer. Maybe my wiring has something to do with it. Do I need to run an extra common from my switch transformer to the outside rail?  I also may resolder the wires that are going to the insulated rail and check my insulation between the tracks.  This has been puzzling to say the least. I really appreciate everybody’s input. I will keep you posted.

Well, good news! I finally figured out what was causing my issues with my non derailing. I am almost embarrassed to admit this.... I ended up pulling one of my switch tracks up and isolated and tested the non-derailing and it worked, so I decided to check all of my wiring under the table. So, I traced all my wiring back to the transformers and I ended up finding I had 2 wires crossed coming off my accessory/switch transformer at one of the bus ports under the layout.  It was so simple I am embarrassed I didn't check for this sooner.  I appreciate everyone's input on this.  I try and research the forum before asking questions and this issue had me for a couple of days. When in doubt double back and check the simple things! LOL

I added a pic of what I found.

Again, Thank you everyone!


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  • IMG_4997: this was the culprit!
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