I was wondering if someone could offer their advice on a problem I am having with the above engine.

The engine is being run in conventional mode with the battery removed. When powered up, there appears to be a sound similar to a short occurring. After a couple of seconds, the engine seems to "reset" itself and the lights come on and the engine cycles through the sounds it would, given that it is MTH and is being run in conventional "Lionel" mode. When I attempt to cycle through the directions to get the locomotive to move, it shorts and starts the process over. (Oh yeah, the problem is that the locomotive won't move !) The front headlight and marker lights come on, but the reverse headlight doesn't come on when attempting to get it to switch directions.

It would appear to this 'untrained eye' that the reversing unit must be acting up?

It's the M&M version and the kids really like to see it run at club functions. We're at the Fulton County Fair in NW Ohio - one of the biggest fairs in FARM COUNTRY! I appreciate anyone who can offer some expertise/advise. I am competent when it comes to fixing things provided I know what to fix  !




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are u sure of your engine item number your number does not come up but 30-5112-1 does is this correct. why don't you have a battery installed. I would install a battery and then try a factory reset in conventional mode ! your engine might have a short in the direction your trying to go forward? the motor might be shorted or a fet may have shorted. I would unplug the yellow and white harness  from the ps2 3 volt board and then try the engine see if it will start up and produce sounds n smoke. have you taken the engine apart if so you might have pinched a wire in the frame

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All MTH except the very early PS-1 with QSI, locosounds, the conventional reverse unit and PS-3 need batteries to run conventionally.  PS-3 has supercaps in place of battery.

Makes sure the battery harness has good continuity.  Sometimes they go bad when a battery has gassed out and corroded. G

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