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I just picked up one of these sealed in the shipping carton.   These engines are well over 10 years old and anytime I pickup an engine like this I like to do a good service on it.   My problem is I can’t figure out how to get the boiler off .  I’ve removed every screw I can find and this thing is locked down.   Anyone ever had one of these open for service?   I know they’re aren’t a ton of these out there but surely someone’s had one apart.    What am I missing?


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On page 28 of the manual.

Its the two rearmost screws under the cab, and two just inside the steam cylinders. You may have to remove the pilot wheels to access the front screws.

If those are out, try gently rocking the boiler back and forth on the frame.   Sometimes trying to raise the cab or pilot end first works too.

These old TMCC steamers have a great level of detail. Sometimes the brass anchors for these details inside the shell, can catch on the big Pittman motor when trying to open the loco.

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