Well, I think that's the easy part. When you edit a component, there's a dialog box entry that you can specify the name of the 3D file. That I can do.

The problem is how to create a new component in the first place. Do you start by editing an existing component and then give the modified version a new name somehow? And how does it get added to the user components library. That would be good enough for now. It doesn't seem immediately obvious to me.

Don't know if you have mastered this part yet (I have not), but here is another post that I am determined to completely and thoroughly struggle through one of these days until I get it working and understand it all.  Setting up libraries: a mini-guide

Possibly lots of good info here even if you have already set everything up.

I normally start a new component in the component editor.  If there is a "similar" component, I start there.  Many times, the component is the same as an existing one, but the pattern is different. I save the component in my user component library, giving it a new name.  I draw a new pattern or modify an existing one.  I then save it in my user pattern library, then add it to the component previously created.

Once that is done, you can then attach the 3D drawing to the new pattern you have, correcting it's size and orientation before you save the pattern again.

You're probably one of those guys that sticks a bunch of those dialog boxes in, it's just poetic justice that you have to deal with them now!

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