In need of help finding a couple parts to finish a SOO Line GP38-2 model.I am in need of the modern radiator grills to replace the older ones on the MTH model.Also in need of a modern rotary beacon. Thanks for any help!

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If by "modern" radiator grilles, you mean the corrugated style, Des Plaines has a part for this in their O Scale America line.  I believe it is part OSA804.  I can probably dig one out tomorrow and get a picture for you.  By the way, P&D does sell OSA parts, so they may also have the OSA804 available.

One caveat is that the OSA screen may not be an exact fit for the MTH model.  Another option in that case might be the Atlas gp60 screens.  They are too tall, but could be cut and modified to reduce the height.  They are also split horizontally into two screens, whereas I believe the later gp38-2's have a single screen with fans close together.  Still doable.  I probably also have some of the Atlas version around, if so I will add a photo of that as well.

Both Des Plaines and P&D have beacons in their parts lines, so take a look around at both.  I also believe Details West (or Associates, can never keep them straight) offered a beacon or two before getting out of the O scale market.  Those will probably be harder to find.


Atlas gp60 screens:
atlas gp60 screen

Des Plaines OSA804 (probably, can't find one in the package at the moment) gp38-2 screens:
osa gp38-2 radiator screen

Des Plaines OSA849 gp38-2 radiator fan hatch:
osa fan hatch

The OSA radiator screen is for the later phase gp38-2's, where the radiator fans are moved close together, and the radiator screen is a single panel.  The MTH model looks like this configuration, so there is hope that the OSA screen will work.



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