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If this is the wrong way to post this, please let me know.  I couldn't find a way to direct message @Menards.

@Menards, can you help with customer support?  I ordered 3 cases of track recently, and 1 case of track arrived, plus 2 single tracks (instead of cases).  I think the picker just saw "quantity: 1", and didn't realize it meant full cases of 24 tracks.  I emailed customer support, and they responded asking for my order #.  I sent it a couple days ago and haven't heard anything else back.

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Hi Mike @Menards, it's been two more days, and I haven't heard anything back since Monday morning.  The email address you posted is the one that replied to me on Monday asking for my order number, but I sent it to them and then they went dark.  If it helps, I'll post the order number here.  My order number was #MCOM36474819.

It should have been:

Qty 1   Part # 2793464   Case of 24 10" Straight O Gauge Tubular Track
Qty 1   Part # 2793470   Case of 24 O-54 Curve O Gauge Tubular Track
Qty 1   Part # 2793468   Case of 24 O-72 Curve O Gauge Tubular Track

I received the case of straight track, but I only received a single O-54 curve and a single O-72 curve.

Also, if you check the order, you can see that UPS weighed the package as 7.50 lbs, which is about a third of what it should have been.

Can you help out with this?  It's over $100 of missing parts.


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