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When if first got my Lionel cw 80 watt transformer.....I tested it with a 12 volt bulb.....accessories worked.....throttle, direction, whistle and bell buttons light the bulb up when made some I made up a screwdriver to remove the fancy design China screws....I took it apart ....had a look see as to how it was made....Removed the 2 small screws that hold circuit panel on to see the fan....found I would need to remove additional nuts to get to the fan so I just put the panel back together....Now after putting this back together I find that the Green bulb works ....accessories work...and the throttle lever functions....bad news is when I depress the direction, whistle and bell buttons the light will no longer come on as it did when I initially tested it.....What’s Up.....please give me a solution....



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 So the test light goes out when you press direction. It should. Removing power cyles an eunit thru fwd/N/rev unless the eunit sw. is off/lock.

The whistle/bell; was the throttle up? You shouldn't see power just by that button alone. With power on the rails and a test bulb on track, the bulb should stay lit during a whistle/bell. Proper test needs a whistle board or whistle relay or a voltmeter on dc to look for a dc offset of a couple of volts when whistling

Sounds like the CW-80 is working correctly, but was not working correctly before you opened it.

Our hobby transformers are intended to work in this manner: 
The direction button is a NC (normally closed) switch. It interrupts power to the track. No electricity should flow with it depressed since the circuit is open.
The whistle and bell button will add a DC offset to the track and should not work independently of the throttle i.e. with the throttle "off" no DC voltage should be sent to the track; with the throttle "on" the whistle or bell (if equipped) should be activated by the DC offset when the appropriate button is depressed.

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