A year ago I bought a K-4880B Pennsylvania Brunswick Ltd 15" Heavyweight 4-PAC.  The set is illustrated here -- http://www.legacykline.com/app...mp;p_oem_sku=K-4880B

I like it and enjoy it, but it does use a good bit of amps and there is no interior seating/passengers ... the 4-car set uses silhouettes on all of the side windows. 

Now considering upgrading to LED lighting and adding passenger seating and passengers.  Don't want to spend a lot of $$ nor spend a lot of time on modifying four cars.  Would like OGR forum member experiences/recommendations.  I am aware of GRJs LED lighting mod available via Hennings Trains.  I have also found a couple of web sites advertising ready-to-go passenger seating inserts, but don't know if they'd fit my cars.  I am attaching couple of photos of the interior of one of my passenger cars to help with your considerations for modifying my cars. 

Note that there is a 2-wire connector on the floor of the car that electrically connects the front and rear trucks.  That is likely in the way of a ready-to-go passenger seating insert. 

Edit:  Just noted a thorough 2019 OGR post that documents modifying K-Line passenger cars ... https://ogrforum.ogaugerr.com/...upgrade-k-line-k4690  Very good work.  However, if possible, I'm looking for a ready-to-go insert that just fits into my available floor space.  Don't know if I have the patience to do the detailed work demonstrated in the above OGR forum link ... for 4 plain-Jane passenger cars. 





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I’d wait for more input, but from what I’ve read, if you don’t want to do a considerable amount of modeling, your best bet is sell what you have and find the closest thing that already has an interior. Then you can buy boatloads if seated passengers, dirt cheap on the dreaded auction site. Replacing silhouettes with clear plastic, then finding inserts will be costly. 

I have a few sets of PW LIONEL aluminum streamline cars that have silhouette windows, and switching to LED's in place of the two incandescent bulbs was worth the time and $$$.

Even if you don't do interiors/little people, LED's will help a lot at modest cost.

You might want to correct the title and text in your post. RailKing is an MTH trademark, not a K-Line one.

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