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Hi everybody,

Today I purchased a Large Woodland Scenics Rocky Ridge from my local hobby shop. I noticed the curve of the ridge, and it so happens to fit perfectly along the outside of a Lionel Fastrack O-36 curve. (I bet it would fit around any kind of curve from O-31 to O-36) When I saw how perfectly it fit, I wanted to put one on the inside of the curve as well. Woodland Scenics doesn't make a reversed Rocky Ridge, so does anyone know how to make a near - duplicate for the smaller, inside part of the curve?


David Silvestri



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Seeing as how you went the easy route and purchased one already made you find these products interesting:

They are easy to cut to size.

He still gives a discount for OGR Forum members - pretty sure the code is OGRR.  If that code doesn't work just reach out and contact him.



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