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I hope I'm not violating a forum policy here.  A friend asked me if I had any idea of the value of 2 of his engines, which I said I don't.  I offered to post them here if he wanted and he said 'sure'.  Hope this is legal on the forum.

He doesn't know anything about them.  They were his Father's and he inherited them years ago but forgot about them til recently.  He never ran them.

Can you offer any input on these 2 engines that I can relay to him????  Especially some idea of their value

As always, thanks - walt

Train 1

train 1 - pic 2

Train 2


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  • Train 1
  • train 1 - pic 2
  • Train 2
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Walt, the easiest way to find a starting price would be looking at the sold listings on ebay for each specific item or set.  The filter is called, "Show Only" and then you select sold.  Condition is everything.

The 2056 has some obvious cosmetic issues, but could still be a great runner.  One is similar condition with bent cab sold for $66 plus $14 shipping.

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