I had a layout that I really liked, and you all helped me with it, and I thank you for that.
However, it had one long "L" shaped loop and one short "Oval" shaped loop, and the more I looked at it, and the more I ran trains on my temporary loop, which is larger than the one that my layout would have had, the more I wanted two long "L" shaped loops around my entire layout, so that I could run two trains around the entire area at the same time, and possibly even in opposite directions.

Here are a couple of pics of the old layout that you all helped me to come up with, and that small loop is just too small. My current temporary loop is the size of the full outer oval, and that is just barely long enough.

Single L and Small Oval Top View Track

Single L and Small Oval Top View

I almost didn't even try to make the two long "L" shaped loops, but I started playing, morphing, carving, and cutting, and was able to come up with a very similar plan, but with the two long "L" shaped loops that I wanted. The yard is in a very different place, but I feel that it is workable, but I still have a small village, and a nice train station and parking lot, along with the Door and Window factory that I had before.

Here are some pics of the new layout, and I believe that it has all of the back and forth, and reversing sections that the old one had, again, per your suggestions. It also has a bit simpler table shape. It is a bit wider at the narrow, but I moved some things around in my train room to just make it workable.

I would be interested in your thoughts, if you would care to comment


Double L Loop Track Only

Full Double Loop Top ViewFull Double Loop Top Town View

Full Double Loop Top Factory View

Full Double Loop Angle Station View


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